Interview with 16-year-old “Sand,” Isaan youth leader prosecuted for her political expression

• Since the outset of her political awakening, Sand (Pseudonym), a 15-year-old youth, has begun her involvement in pro-democracy activities in her hometown in Phu Khiao district of Chaiyaphume province and neighboring district Chumpae. Gradually, she expanded her activism into other areas. At times, she was a mere participant, whereas sometimes she would go up […]



Overview of cases against youth political activists: At least 43 persons prosecuted

During the protest movement for rights, liberties, and democracy that began in 2020, youths- any persons younger than 18 years old- have played a critical role in organizing and participating in political activities inside and outside their educational institutions. They have also been actively contributing to pushing the limits of public discussion on social and […]



A statistical profile of minors charged for political expression and protest, 2020-2021

*Last updated on 19 July 2021/02.23 PM According to the TLHR database on juvenile prosecution (from 2020 onwards), at least 48 youths from among 46 cases have been prosecuted for political expression and protest. So far, 34 youths were arrested without warrant; 2 youths were injured during arrest by the police. There were 8 youths […]