A statistical profile of minors charged for political expression and protest, 2020-2022

*Last updated on 16 September 2022

According to TLHR database on Juvenile prosecution (from 2020 onwards), at least 283 youths from 211 cases have been prosecuted for political expression and protest.

  • After the phenomenon of continuous leaderless protest from 2nd August 2021 to the end of October 2021 at Din Daeng Triangle, the youth activist group called “Thalugaz” has later been formed. There were youths arrested during the protest and prosecuted for their political expression. At least 210 youth from 104 cases were charged from protest at Din Daeng Triangle.
  • There are 38 youths indicted by the public prosecutors in 39 cases
  • There are 17 youths in 20 cases charged with Section 112, one of Thailand’s strictest Criminal Code or the “lèse-majesté” law for defaming Thailand’s Institution of Monarchy. Among the aforementioned number, 11 cases have been indicted by public prosecutor.