“Getting arrested makes me want to fight even harder”: Interview with ‘Tong Taluhfah,’ the only woman detained from the #2AugRally

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) is going through yet another round of visiting political detainees. While Thailand is under the third wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, the country has already seen five waves of detaining protestors in cases related to political assemblies since the first demonstration held by the Free Youth Group.  The first […]



The journey of thoughts of “Samanera Folk,” the novice who faces a lese majeste charge

Our interview series “First Sermon before taking the path towards democracy: Background stories before the political awakening of Ratsadon monks/novices” are divided into three parts. Each of them presents the stories of individual monks and novices with unique backgrounds and paths leading them to join the fight for equality.  Read Part 1 >>  Luang Pee Phupha: […]



Interview with 16-year-old “Sand,” Isaan youth leader prosecuted for her political expression

• Since the outset of her political awakening, Sand (Pseudonym), a 15-year-old youth, has begun her involvement in pro-democracy activities in her hometown in Phu Khiao district of Chaiyaphume province and neighboring district Chumpae. Gradually, she expanded her activism into other areas. At times, she was a mere participant, whereas sometimes she would go up […]



Interview with the sister of “Justin Chukiat,” a tattooist turned activist with his iconic crop top

A 30-year-old man delivered a well-paced, smooth speech with his pleasant voice that one could listen to all day long. He appeared on stage wearing a crop top with red sweatpants, looking entirely different from other Ratsadon protest leaders. His style resembled the well-known look of “Justin Bieber,” an internationally renowned teenage superstar. Because of […]