Political detainees held in detention during investigation or pending trial in mid-2021

Between August 2021 and 5 March 2022, at least 29 individuals were detained during police investigation or pending trial which stemmed from their exercise of the right to political assembly and expression. Name, date of temporary release, and duration of detention Chitipat was granted bail on 23 November 2021 with conditions, including wearing electronic monitoring […]



Three more prominent leaders, all accused of violating Section112, denied bail in the wake of the indictment of 18 Ratsadon activists in the #19SeptRestoringPeoplePower demonstration case

Today (8 March 2020) at the Office of Attorney General on Ratchadapisek Road, the public prosecutors indicted 18 members of the “Ratsadon” movement cases related to the #19SeptRestoringPeoplePower demonstration. They are accused of violating the Penal Code’s Sections 112 and 116 and other 9 charges. They were then brought to the court for bail hearing […]



The plaint of pounding “Mike-Penguin’s” prisoner vehicle, 7.5 years with their bail request denied of suspects, while one insisting not participating in the assembly.

24 February 2021, public prosecutors of the Office of Attorney General (Department of Special Litigation 5) indicted Nutthanon Chaimahabutra and other four suspects in the Black Criminal Case no. O.420/2021 allegedly for “illegal assembly of ten persons and upward to do or threaten to do an act of violence, resisting or preventing an official from […]