Keep an eye on the first witness examination of Section 110 case for “violating the Queen’s liberty”, five defendants in the case.

The Criminal Court starts the witness examination of Black case number Aor.778/2564 on November 16, 2022. Five defendants are charged under Section 110 of Thailand’s Criminal Code on the ground of “violating the liberty of the Queen”.

The five defendants include Ekachai Hongkangwan, Bunkueanun Paothong, Suranath Paenprasert
and two other civilians who were indicted by the public prosecutor under Section 110 on the charge of “violating the Queen’s liberty”, Section 215 for inciting chaos in the country, the charge for obstructing public paths and traffic.

Sarayuth Sangwanthong and Police Lieutenant Colonel Phitak Ladlai are the accusers of case following the incident on 14 October 2020 during #14OctMob of “Khana Ratsadorn” around 17.00 P.M. when the protesters mobilized from Democracy Monument to the Government House near Pitsanulook Road.

There was a group of protesters in front of the Government House when the Royal Motorcade
of King Rama X’s wife, Queen Suthida, and his son, Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti passing through
the protest area without prior notice creating a chaotic environment amongst the protesters.

The protesters were pushing against each other forcing the police to create a barrier between the motorcade and the protesters.

Later on 16 October 2020 Ekachai and Bunkueanun received an arrest warrant from the investigation officers at Dusit Police station followed by Suranath. Ekachai and Suranath were arrested while commuting to the police station to turn themselves in. The bail request for both of them was denied.

Ekkachai was in pre-trial remand for 18 days and 13 days for Suranath until the court
dismissed the detention request filed by the investigation officer on 2 November 2020.
Bunkueanun turned himself in at Dusit Police station. He was granted bail resulting in hie temporary release.

Later on, it was reported that there are two other people receiving the summons warrant from the police for the same charge. Both of the accused went to the police station to acknowledge the charge. Thus, they were not detained.

All in all, there are five defendants in total of this case. Thai Lawyers for Human Rights
provide litigation for two of the defendants including Bunkueanun, an International Relations student at Mahidol International College and to Suranath, an activist advocating for the development of a community.

After the public prosecutor ordered an indictment, all of five defendants denied all charges.

There are 51 prosecution witnesses and 11 defendant witnesses.
The Criminal court scheduled 16 witness examinations as follow: for prosecution witness examination on 16-18, 23-25,30 November 2022, 1-2 December 2022,18-20, and 25 January 2023.

For defendant witness examination on 26-27, and 31 January 2023.

Even though this week is the week of special public holidays in Bangkok’s metropolitan area for APEC conferences but the Criminal Court does not postpone the examination date of this case.

This case is considered one of the most important case in Thailand’s political sphere as the penalty of this case is severe that the defendants could face 16 to 20 years, life time imprisonment or even death penalty for allegedly violating the Queen’s liberty and her well-being.

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