“Petch” Thanakorn sentenced to 2 years jail term for violating Section 112 but the Central Juvenile and Family court replaced imprisonment with an order to enter a Juvenile Practice and Training Center.

On November 22,2022, the Central Juvenile and Family court delivered the first judgment of a juvenile case charged under section 112 (Lèse-majesté),Black case number Yor Chor Aor. 109/2564.

“Petch” Thanakorn (last name withheld), a nineteen-years old LGBTQ+ activist, who was indicted on the ground of violating Section 112 (lèse-majesté) for giving a speech that allegedly defamed the royal family on 6 December 2020. He was seventeen years old.

On January 11, 2021 “Petch” Thanakorn was accused by Buppharam investigative police. Two more people were charged including Chukiat Saengwong and Wanwalee Thammasattaya as Jakkapong Klinkaew, the leader of “The people center for the protection of Monarchy” (ศปปส)  filed a complaint against them. The case of “Petch” is considered the first Juvenile case indicted under section 112. He decided to defend himself in court instead of entering “ special measures”

On April 9,  2021, the public prosecutor has ordered an indictment to the Central Juvenile and Family Court against “Petch” Thanakorn for his speech related to Thailand’s political system that it is not democratic but rather absolute monarchy. He also mentioned the coup and demanded the country’s reform. 

The court denied trial observations requests from Human Rights Organizations

Even though “Petch” Thanakoen stated that his case is a case related to Freedom of Expression and that he has always demanded to have third-party observers whom he trusts such as Human Rights Organizations and representatives from the embassies but his request has always been denied by the court.

In addition to Amnesty International’s formal request, Thanakorn also submitted a formal request to the Court under Section 108(7) of the Juvenile and Family Court and Procedure Act B.E. 2553, permit human rights organizations whom he trusted to be present in the courtroom during the reading of the verdict. The court once again denied his request.


The Central Juvenile and Family Court convicted “Petch” Thanakorn and sentenced him to two years jail term. However, in pursuant to Section 142 of the Juvenile and Family Court and Procedure Act B.E. 2553, the Court ordered “Petch” Thanakorn to enter a Juvenile Practice and Training Center instead of imprisonment sentence. Thanakorn was later granted bail with surety money amounting to 30,000 baht provided by “Ratsadornprasong Fund”, without any other bail conditions, as the case is on appeal.

“Petch” Thanakorn is also prosecuted for another lèse-majesté case (Black case number Yor Chor Aor 1/2565) of which the Nonthaburi Juvenile and Family court will deliver its verdict in December 22, 2022.