Available position: Finance and Administration Manager

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) was established two days following the coup in 2014 by a group of human rights lawyers and social activists. Initially an ad-hoc organization, TLHR aimed to provide legal and litigation assistance to individuals who had been summoned, arrested, and detained by the military as a result of the coup, Years later TLHR has become a frontline organization promoting civic and political rights in Thailand, and providing legal assistance while also monitoring and conduction human rights violations nationwide.

Due to the expansion of funding support and activities, TLHR is looking for an experienced Finance and Administration Manager (F&A Manager) to manage and lead the finance and administration team.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Manage the finance, accounting, administration, and procurement including:

  • Provide consultations and advice to the senior management on financial management and planning that aligns with the short-term and long-term strategic plan of the foundation.
  • Provide advice, recommendations and solutions to the finance and administration team and program team.
  • Review and update the policies in finance, accounting, administration, and procurement to reflect changing environment and situation.
  • Act as a focal point on finance, accounting, and grant management of the foundation for external individuals or organizations e.g. donors, auditor, revenue department, etc.
  1. Budgeting
    • Work with the management and other team members in the preparation of organizational annual budget to present the overall financial outlook of the foundation.
    • Work with the internal key stakeholders in the preparation of project budget proposals for funding opportunities. Ensure that the budget proposal includes all related and necessary expenses and is prepared in compliance with the donors ‘requirements.
    • Control and monitor the approved budgets (organizational and project budgets) regularly.
    • Analyze and provide explanations on variances between budget and actual as well as its impacts. Initiate discussions with the program team and the management to mitigate risks or find solutions in case the variance is substantial.
  2. Finance
    • Prepare, control and monitor the monthly, quarterly and annually cash flow and cash forecast and to use it as a tool for financial and liquidity planning of the foundation.
    • Define a systematic and practical disbursement dates, policy and procedures for internal and external users.
    • Review payment vouchers and receipt vouchers as well as supporting documents and ensure the accuracy, completeness, and eligibility of the documents prior to obtaining approval.
    • Review the withholding tax calculation, the use of applicable forms and tax filing within deadline.
    • Review bank reconciliation and monitor cash count at the closing date.
  3. Accounting
    • Review the accuracy, completeness and eligibility of the receipt vouchers, payment vouchers & journal vouchers and supporting documents prior to obtaining approval.
    • Review the accuracy of accounting transactions e.g. amount, account codes and categories, fund codes, etc. in the general journal and general ledgers.
    • Define appropriate and practical monthly and annually closing dates. Control and monitor the accounting records are up-to-date and followed the defined timelines.
    • Prepare monthly and quarterly financial statements of organizational and projects. Provide key financial analysis and explanations to the management.
    • Prepare annual financial statements and relevant reports for submissions to the revenue department and respective government agencies within deadline to avoid unnecessary penalties.
    • Plan and develop an efficient accounting system.
    • Prepare an annual audit plan and liaise with an external auditor.
  4. Donor Reporting
    • Review the accuracy and completeness of the project/donor financial transactions and ensure compliances of donors ‘requirements.
    • Present the project/donor financial reports to the respective program managers for their reviews and comments prior to submission to the donors.
    • Ensure timely submission of the donor financial reports.
    • Respond to any queries or provide appropriate additional information upon request by the donors.
  5. Office Administration and Procurement

Office Administration

  • Ensure all the logistics and safety of the office premises. This includes office cleanliness, office utilities, internal/external courier, fixed assets handover, functionality of office equipment, etc.


  • Develop and ensure the implementation of the procurement policy and procedures.
  • Oversee the management of vendor data, quotations, delivery/service history, etc. is performed systematically for future purchase consideration.
  • Oversee the management of all purchase related documentation is done systematically to facilitate any audits.
  • 6. Internal Control and Risk Management
    • Control and monitor the effectiveness of implementation of the Delegation of Authority (DOA).
    • Control and monitor the appropriateness and necessity of cash advance requests, cash advances are settled as per the specified timeframe and the preparation of cash advance aging report to the management.
    • Control and monitor periodic and surprised cash counts.
    • Control and monitor the preparation of fixed assets register and ensure the fixed assets count is conducted at least once a year.
    • Establish requirements for insurance of property and high value assets.
    • Establish policy and procedures for access to confidential information e.g. accounting system, financial data, payroll, etc. to limit to direct responsible persons only.
    • Plan and organize internal and external audits.
  • 7. Capacity Building and Staff Management
    • Conduct orientation and provide advice on the use of policies & procedures as well as forms to staff.
    • Build confidence and capacity of the team members in order to enhance their technical and other necessary skills.
    • Develop and improve work process within and amongst departments to become more systematic, accurate, fast and reduce errors.
    • Regularly monitor team performance (Administration, Finance and Accounting), provide coaching, and learning and development opportunities to employees. Directly supervisor 3 employees.


  • Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent in accounting, business administration, finance or related fields.
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience in financial management, accounting, and budgeting. Experience at a charity organization or foundation will be an asset.
  • Advanced proficiency in EXCEL and experience/familiarity with some accounting software/application.
  • High sense of responsibility for completing tasks in a timely manner, and an ability to work flexible hours and respond effectively to urgent situations.
  • Team player and able to communicate well with internal and external parties.
  • Proactive and problem-solving person.
  • English language proficiency, both oral and written.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality, considering the safety of your own work as well as the foundation’s resources and information.
  • Excellent analytical and synthesis abilities
  • Self-awareness and value the principles of human rights and democracy.


  • Competitive Remuneration and social security.
  • 20 holidays per annum, in addition to the public holidays.
  • 3-month probationary period
  • Add-on benefits after a 3-month probationary period -health/dental group insurance, provident fund.
  • Transportation: able to reimburse work-related travel expenses

How to apply

Fill in the job application by clicking here and attach a cover letter stating why you are fit for this position along with your CV by July 25, 2022. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact [email protected]