Listen to the Life Song of Port Faiyen, an Artist Who Uses Music and a Pen as a Weapon to Fight the Dictatorship

*Translation by: Ann Norman An admin of Facebook Page: FreePortFaiyen  At the rallies of young people protesting for democracy happening throughout almost all of last year, songs were used as tools to propel society while at the same time creating a fun atmosphere for the crowds. Many of the songs blasting out of the amplifiers […]



Numbers of political detainees being held in detention during investigation or pending trial in 2021

According to the TLHR database (8 June 2021), at least 2 individuals have been detained after Thai courts rejected their requests for temporary release or bail. All of the cases stem from their political expression and assembly. Among these numbers, there are: 0 individuals who were prosecuted for allegedly violating Article 112 of the Criminal Code […]



Court denied bail for eight activists, claiming no reason to overturn original decisions and insisting Arnon’s claim on life-threatening in prison constituted no valid reason

*Updated 7 April 2021 On 16 March 2021, the Court denied bail for eight defendants after their lawyers and family members filed for a temporary release during the inquiry and trial phases, reasoning the Anon’s fate stemmed from correctional officers’ attempts to detain Jatupat and Panupong outside their prison units on 15 March 2021. The […]