Public Seminar “Seize, Trample, Repeat, Change” The Launch of Recommendation Proposal to Uproot the Remains of the Coup

16 July 2019 was marked as the beginning of the first cabinet given full authority by the 2017 Constitution. As a result, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) was automatically withdrawn from the administrative position, giving an end to Article 44 of the Interim Constitution of 2014. However, the consequences of the coup […]



A year of legal actions against the ‘Organization For a Thai Federation: At least 20 charged in eleven cases

This September marks the first anniversary of the reports on the crackdown of individuals allegedly involved with the “Organization For a Thai Federation.”  Arrests of those wearing black T-shirts with red and white stripes initially had people wondering about the cryptic meaning of the symbol. Members of the public and even avid political followers had […]