Students making three-finger salute wearing white bows led to 103 reports of harassment in 3 days

After the rally by the “Free Youth” group at the Democracy Monument on 16 August 2020, the political situation has continued to be heated as students in many schools all over the country have expressed their political opinions, notably by performing the three-finger salute during the national anthem, wearing white bows against dictatorship, and showing […]



Police forcing student to have a talk at Village Headman’s residence prohibiting her from sharing posts about monarchy and democracy

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) has been informed about the case of “Miss Kai” (pseudonym), a 16-year-old highschool student in Surat Thani province who was asked by a plainclothes officer for talking and providing her personal information. She was also forcefully asked to sign an agreement promising to not share a Facebook post about […]



The sorrow of workers does not come singly, but in battalions: Talking with Sripai

Sripai Nonsi, the representative of Rangsit and Area Labor Union group, talks about the impact of Covid-19 outbreak which affects workers. The workers not only are laid off or receive less pay, but they also experience severe consequences that people, especially the government, can’t imagine. Sripai established Rangsit and Area Labor Union group  (RALU) in […]



Summary of “The Legal Opinion on the Declaration of the State of Emergency in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic”

By virtue of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in the State of Emergency B.E. 2548 (2005) (“The Emergency Decree”), the Prime Minister announced the government would declare a state of emergency in all areas in the Kingdom in response to COVID-19 pandemic. The state of emergency is in effect from 26 March to 30 […]



Artist arrested for posting “Suvarnabhumi Airport has no screening for Covid-19” while in 14-day self-quarantine after his return from Spain

A 42-year-old artist was arrested at his art gallery in Phuket while in self-quarantine for the eighth day after his return from Spain. A charge was filed by the Airports of Thailand PCL against him for putting into a computer system false computer data after he had posted alleging that he encountered no Covid-19 screening […]